Pull Request Fee

Someone is asking for cypto payment for processing my Pull Request. Is this a scam?

Always be cautious when someone asks you for payment. Check that there is a description about it under Trust Wallet Developers' doucmentation (this page). Check that the app is under the trustwallet github account, or that its owner belong to the trustwallet group. So no, this is not a scam.


Trust Wallet supports an insane number of tokens and coins. We are committed to supporting the tokens used by our users. But supporting so many assets has a high cost, in terms of running the infrastructure, ensuring continuous integrations, handling a massive number of requests to the assets info, etc. A lot of spam/scam coins also find us.

We have introduced this crypto contribution in order to filter requests, so we have more time to handle genuine ones.

We were partly insipred by Token Curated Registry.

What do I have to pay attention to?

  • Double check the contribution guidelines, to minimize the risk of your PR being rejected.

  • Make sure to set the correct memo on your transfer.

How does a Fee fit with Open Source?

We believe in the power of open-source software, and essential parts of Trust Wallet are open source to contribute to the community (Wallet-Core, Blockatlas). But Trust Wallet is a branded product and running its backend infrastructure, support, marketing, etc. Has costs (done by a non-volunteer based team).

The assets repository is open source. You are free to use it and free to create your version (fork). But we choose to ask for a contribution for requests to include/change the information in the Trust Wallet product. See also Why question.

What is Trust Wallet Token TWT?

TWT is a token used in the Referral Program. Currently, it is only possible to obtain it through referrals. But if you are a token with a serious user base, getting a referral for ten new users should not be a problem.

When is my payment evaluated?

Payment is handled by merge-fee-bot, a GitHub app by us. Currently, payment is checked only when there is some action on the PR, such as a comment. So after your transfer, create a comment about it. The payment should be detected within seconds. (Technical background: being notified when the payment happens is not a problem, but interacting with a PR when there is no action on it is difficult for the GitHub app.)

What happens after I pay? Is merging automatic?

When the merge-fee-bot detects payment, it automatically places an Accept review on the PR. This is a precondition for merge. But merging is currently not automatic, it is done by the maintainers.

I have forgot to set a memo in my transfer

You know crypto, how transactions are final and irreversible. We warned, provided QR code with memo, sorry. Pay again with correct memo.

If you decide not to merge my PR, do I get my payment back?

If a PR is rejected, it must have a reason. Double check the contribution guide before paying. The fee is for processing a pull request, not necessarily merging it.