Make sure you have the latest app version, check if there is any new update on Google Play or App Store

1. Install a mobile web console

we use vConsole on our test dapp:, click the bottom green vConsole button to see logs.

2. [Android] Chrome Rmote debugging

Download Trust Wallet apk from and drag it to your emulator. (app installed from Google Play won't work)

Open the dapp in Trust Wallet ( as example)

Visit chrome://inspect/#devices or edge://inspect/#devices to inspect the web console

Edge inspect
Edge inspect

3. [iOS] Safari WebView debugging

iOS doesn't support debugging app built for distribution, you can try to build this iOS demo in trust-web3-provider and check if it can connect to your DApp or not, please follow this guide to inspect.

Contact us

If above doesn't help, please create an issue on trust-web3-provider and elaborate your question as detail as possible.

  1. What's your app version and OS version?

  2. Do you see any js error?

  3. How to reproduce? please record a video if possible

  4. what's the url of your dapp?

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