New EVM-compatible chain

Adding support for a new fully EVM-compatible chain to Wallet Core requires only a few changes, follow the steps here. For more complex chain integrations, see general new blockchain docs.

Prerequisties / Needed information

  • ChainID. EVM chains have a unique ChainID, such as 8217.

  • Derivation path used. Most EVM chains use Ethereum derivation path, "m/44'/60'/0'/0/0" (but not all).

  • CoinID. Most EVM chains do not have a SLIP 44 CoinID, but some do. We'll see below what to use if one is not available.


  • Start with an up-to-date workspace (more info).

  • Add chain information to registry.json. Some notable fields:

    • blockchain: "Ethereum",

    • coinId: If own coinID is available, use that. Otherwise, use: 10000000 + chainID, such as 10008217.

  • Run cd codegen-v2 && cargo run -- new-evmchain <chain> to generate template source files, where is the chain id from registry.

  • The result will be a new line in TWCoinType.h and a new test file tests/<Chain>/TWCoinTypeTests.cpp.

  • There are some test cases test derivation for all coins. Extend these with the new chain. If the new chain reuses Ethereum address, it can reuse the Ethereum case in the switch statements.

  • Update generated sources, build the project, execute unit tests (see building):

  • If all is fine, create a PR with the changes.

Some Sample PRs:

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