Before releasing please update the version numbers in android/ and TrustWalletCore.podspec and commit this change. Then create a new git tag for that number and push (replace 0.0.0 with the actual version number):

git tag 0.0.0
git push
git push origin 0.0.0


Run then tools/ios-release. This will build, archive and upload a Cocoapod. You need to be registered as an owner for the pod.


Run then tools/android-release. This will build and upload to Bintray and JFrog.

You need to have this credentials as environment variables in order to upload to Bintray


Docker Hub

We need to release a new prebuilt Docker image every time our dependencies or sources change. To build the docker image(s), see tools/docker-build. Use docker push to upload to Docker Hub.

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