A Complete Guide to Listing your dApp with Trust Wallet

Joining the Trust Wallet ecosystem with an already established base of users, projects, and communities is a great opportunity for your dApp project to leapfrog its growth. Before you can be listed alongside the other top dApps partnered with Trust Wallet, there is a documented process that needs to be carefully followed and completed.

Trust Wallet is proud of the high standards of quality required for listed dApps, where the user and their experience are the key areas of focus. The app is one of the most popular wallets available for easy access to digital assets and dApps in one place.

By improving the functionality of your project and its overall optimization, you allow users already familiar with the Trust Wallet space the best chance of using your dApp. Taking advantage of the vibrant community is a logical step to take. Marketing efforts also help, so get in touch with the Trust Wallet team via Trust Wallet Community to explore more promotional opportunities.

Missing out on just any one part of the optimization and application process will ultimately lead to an unsuccessful application. The journey involves rounds of:

The whole process can be divided into these key stages, along with some recommended marketing activities to help give your project a better chance of success.

Only by following closely the clearly defined instructions and recommendations will your dApp be able to join the list after careful scrutiny from the Trust Wallet team.

Technical Requirements and Preparation

Optimizing your application will require checking off a series of key areas noted in the following optimization sections. Some technical preparation will however be required whenever assets are added to the Trust Wallet GitHub repo.

Therefore, it is required that you have a GitHub account to interact with the Assets repo and submit your dApp logo for listing. Before uploading any image files, you must make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • File Extension: png

    • Uppercase PNG is considered invalid

  • File Name:logo.png

  • Size: 256px by 256px

  • Background: Avoid transparency. White is preferred to fit in with app white/dark theme designs.

  • File size: maximum 100kB. Tip: optimize your image size using a simple drag-and-drop online service such as tinypng. Your logo’s file name must also meet the following criteria: .<domain_name>.png

    • For example: https://app.compound.finance/ => app.compound.finance.png https://kyberswap.com/ => kyberswap.com.png

Some basic information is also required on your dApp project as part of the submission process. This includes:

  • A short and clear explanation of your dApp functionality

  • Your Telegram channel

  • A description of your dApp for listing

  • Your dApp name for the listing

  • The URL of your dApp for listing

Pull Request Fee

Pull requests made to Trust Wall repositories have an associated fee to pay in either TWT or BNB. Due to the number of tokens, coins, and projects supported by Trust Wallet, a large number of requests are made that must be processed.

Contributing a fee filters spam requests and ensures that there is more time to handle genuine submissions.

More details are available on the pull request fee that explains how this fits in with Trust Wallet’s open-source ethos.

NOTE: Paying the fee does not guarantee that your asset will be listed in the repository.

Applying for the Trust Wallet dApp Listing

Adding your dApp to the official Trust Wallet listing provides users with a guarantee of the quality and service provided by your dApp. Not every project that is submitted to the listing is approved. Upon review, a member of the Trust Wallet team will reach out with additional information or follow up questions if necessary.

Trust Wallet is proud of the standards set in place to ensure that only the best projects are presented. Once you’ve applied, a member of the Trust Wallet team will reach out should we feel your app is a good candidate based on UX, mobile optimization, responsiveness, value proposition relative to other apps, etc.

The aim of the Trust Wallet dApp Directory is twofold:

  1. It empowers users to discover high-quality dApps within Trust Wallet.

  2. It allows developers to showcase their work to millions of users as part of a developed and supported ecosystem.

Curation Guidelines

dApp listing submissions are considered on a case-by-case basis. While there isn’t a strict formula that dictates which apps we decide to list, the safety and experience of our users are of the utmost importance to us. For that reason, the dApp Directory is curated with the following set of guidelines:

  • We believe the dApp ecosystem should be open and allow for the expression of diverse ideas and opinions. dApp submissions with content or behavior that fails to meet a “common sense” bar for respecting different ideas or users will be rejected.

  • Attempts to misrepresent or otherwise deceive the listing and review process will result in your dApp being rejected or delisted from the directory.

  • Stronger consideration will be given to dApps that demonstrate a unique value proposition relative to other existing/popular apps

  • Good design is a critical component to increasing the accessibility of crypto and Defi. We look for dApps that scale gracefully across screen sizes and devices, and appropriate management of complex user flows through thoughtful UI

Before submitting your dApp and filling out the submission form, you should ensure that your dApp is fully compliant with our submission criteria.

You are responsible for the use of ad networks, analytics services, and third-party SDKs used within your dApp, so review and choose them carefully.

Safety and Security

Trust Wallet users require confidence that using dApps won’t jeopardize their funds, personal information, or device security.

Additionally, dApps that contain malware are strictly prohibited. This includes any functionality that seeks to gain or provide unauthorized access or control to a user’s device.

Objectionable and misleading content

Trust Wallet will reject any dApp submitted for listing that contains or promotes spam, violence, pornography, fake news, or other inappropriate content not suitable for a decentralized application.

Ensure that your dApp is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations where you plan on making it available. dApps that encourage or solicit criminal or reckless behavior will not be tolerated and may result in notifying law enforcement.

Support and Questions

Should you at any point find yourself with questions about any of the processes laid out in this guide, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at the Trust Wallet Community.

It should be noted that this guide contains the minimum needed to begin the submission process and is not exhaustive. There may be other qualities that are considered for listing, but completing the process of optimization and following our guidelines will get you the best chance of success.

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