Trust Wallet Token Images

Token repository (repo) source of images for:

  1. ERC20 tokens on Ethreum compatible networks supported by Trust Wallet such as:

  2. BEP2 tokens on Binance Chain

  3. TRC10 tokens on TRON blockchain

  4. coins integrated in Wallet Core. Folder for upload

  5. dApp images available in Browser section in Trust Wallet and at Folder for upload

Add custom image:

Image Requirements

  • format: png. Format PNG considered not valid.

  • name:file name requirments for:

    • ERC20:

      • contract_address.png in lowercase register. Ex: 0xd26114cd6ee289accf82350c8d8487fedb8a0c07.png

    • BEP2: Read how to generate BEP2 compatible address with Trust Wallet here

    • TRC10: Read how to generate TRC10 compatible address with Trust Wallet here

    • coin: slip44Index.png from SLIP44 list. Ex: Bitcoin is 0.png

  • size: 256px by 256px

  • background: preferably transparant

  • use simple drag and drop online servise tinypng to optimize image size

How To Add Image

  1. Press on Fork in the top right corner, wait for process to complite

  2. Navigate to tokens (or coins, if you're adding a coin icon) folder on your own fork

  3. Press on Upload File in the top right corner

  4. Choose file, make sure it follows requirments above

  5. Press on Commitchanges

  6. Press on New pull request on your own fork page and submit it by pressing on Create pull request!

  7. Add short description including name and token symbol in a header field

  8. Press on Create pull request

  9. Once tests complited and verifies your image follows requirments maintainer will merge it and in 5-10 minutes token became searchable and will have image insted of plain logo in Trust Wallet

How to generate address for BEP2 (Binance DEX based) token

  1. Grap symbol property for desired token

  2. You can use images from here

  3. Use generated address and upload an image

How to generate address for TRC10 (TRON based) token

  1. Grap ID for desired TRC10 token from the list (sort by TRC10)

  2. Use generated address and upload an image

Youtube: Upload ERC20 Token Image to Trust Wallet:

Upload ERC20 Token Image to Trust Wallet


Why do I still see old logo in Trust Wallet after uploaded new one

Both clients, Android and iOS keep old image cache for up to 7 days, in order to reflect changes immediately, reinstall Trust Wallet application. But as always, make sure you have backup to all your wallets.

How to Use It? (For Developers)

Base URL:<contract_address>.png


Used in Applications