Deep Linking

DApp Browser

Open dapp browser with a specific url and network.

  • coin slip44 index

  • url website url

Enable DApp Browser of iOS app

Due to Apple restrictions, browser not enabled after install in the iOS app. Use the following link to enable it:


Open coin

Add asset

Asset will be added to local storage and will show up on the wallet screen.


Redeem Code:

  • code unique code

  • provider provider url

Send Payment:

  • asset asset in UAI format

  • address Recipient address

  • amount Optional. Payment amount

  • memo Optional. Memo

  • data Optional. Data



Stake details:

  • coin slip44 index

Stake / Delegate:

  • coin slip44 index

  • id validator / delegator to be selected. Optional

Unstake / Undelegate:

  • coin slip44 index

Claim Rewards:

  • coin slip44 index


Open Swap:

Open Exchange:

Open Buy Crypto

Open Market Info

Open Notifications

Open Price alerts


  • trust://


slip44 index -


Connect to a WalletConnect session


  • trust://