Deep Linking

Deep Linking


DApp Browser

Open dapp browser with a specific url and network

  • coin - slip44 index

  • url - website url


Activate coin

  • coin_id - slip44 index

Redeem Code:

  • code unique code

  • provider provider url

Send Payment:

  • coin slip44 index

  • token_id Optional. Token identifier (as smart contrtact address or unique token ID)

  • address Recipient address

  • amount Optional. Payment amount

  • memo Optional. Memo

  • data Optional. Data

Add custom token:

  • token_id token identifier on the blockchain.



Stake details:

  • coin slip44 index

Stake / Delegate:

  • coin slip44 index

Unstake / Undelegate:

  • coin slip44 index

Claim Rewards:

  • coin slip44 index

Available domains links:


  • trust://


slip44 index -