Wallet Core


Trust Wallet Core is a cross-platform library that implements low-level cryptographic wallet functionality for many blockchains. Most of the code is C++ with a set of strict exported C interfaces. The library provides idiomatic interfaces for all supported languages (currently Swift for iOS and Java for Android).


If you want to use wallet core in your project follow these instructions.


Add this dependency to build.gradle:

dependencies {
implementation 'com.trustwallet.walletcore:walletcore:0.10.0'


Add this line to your Podfile and run pod install:

pod 'TrustWalletCore'


The best way to submit feedback and report bugs is to open a GitHub issue. If you want to contribute code please see Contributing. If you want to add support for a new blockchain also see Adding Support for a New Blockchain.


Trust Wallet Core is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.